WYAME Team meets with UNDEF Donor to report on project achievements

WYAME team along with participants and trainers from the UNDEF-funded project Emerging Leaders of the Arab Region met with Mrs. Helen Belcastro, a major UNDEF donor, from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

The project officer presented Mrs. Belcastro with the development issues and democratic challenges which prompted the birth of the project along with the project strategy. The project coordinator then talked about how the project both directly and indirectly addresses the development/democracy issues which the region is facing. She also talked about the project’s main steps and timeline, identified the main beneficiaries, and showed how the project implementation ensured gender balance and the participation of marginalized groups. The project manager proceeded to inform Mrs. Belcastro of the project’s main objective, its intended goal, the actual outcome, and the project’s challenges. Participants and trainers who were either physically present for the meeting or present via Skype pitched in and provided their feedback based on their experience with the project.

The participants’ feedback was positive. They expressed their satisfaction with how the project inspired a spirit of volunteering among them, how it provided them with opportunities to network with civil society organizations, and how the project emphasized on gender equality, human dignity, and human rights. The trainers considered it a pleasure to be part of the project because it enabled them to see the participants, regardless of their background, come to the same conclusions and be enthusiastic about the same mission.

For her part, Mrs. Belcastro expressed her satisfaction with the project’s results and was glad to see that her organization’s funds were being well-spent in the pursuit of democracy and youth empowerment in the region.