WYAME: The Emerging Leaders Conference

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The Middle East Regional Office of WYA held the annual Emerging Leaders Conferences entitled “ELC 2015: The Cost of Sustainable Development in the Arab Region: Assess and Address” at the Humanities Faculty, Saint Joseph University on November 26th and 27th.
The ELC aimed at educating youth on the yearly theme, and together with these youngsters, discover how these ideas can be translated and adapted to the local context.

The Arab region has been going through unstable waves of change either on political/ideological, demographic or environmental levels. With a focus on the challenges that young Arabs face, there are new uprising youth movements and protests regarding the environment crisis. The conference explored the role which youngsters play facing these threats and a call for sustainable development.

The regional conference covered three main themes:
 Assess and address the need of local community.
 The impact of environmental threats on Health.
 Sharing experience of initiatives on Raising Awareness, Capacity building and project implementation.

The 2 days conference included panel discussions regarding the above stated themes and working groups. The participants were divided into 3 teams where each group had to develop the Pitch and Game Plan of a project in line with the ELC theme. The working groups took the form of a competition, during the conference, their 3 drafts were presented.

The groups are given an extension to present their final project on December 4th, the winning team will be given the opportunity to get their project funded and implemented.

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