WYAME welcomes Four New CTP Trainers

September 30, 2020, MENA – World Youth Alliance Middle East (WYAME) officially certifies new CTP trainers from Palestine, Tunisia and Yemen.

Since the pandemic, the Middle East office has been mobilizing its efforts to educate more WYAME members either through the Certified Training Program (CTP) or other educational programs. To better strengthen its mission in the Middle East and North Africa, WYAME implemented the Training of Trainers (ToT). The ToT is a high-level professional training program for qualified certified members who will be providing training and mentorship to WYA members on the CTP. Potential TOT trainees are invited by the WYA President or Regional Staff Member to undergo the TOT based on their CTP score, understanding of WYA ideas and teaching ability. This program will provide trainers with the skills needed to deliver such a powerful program to different resilient MENA youth.

The certification process for all the four chosen Certified members, led by WYAME Program Officer, Balkis Chaabane, consisted of knowledge sharing regarding the trainers’ experience with current trainees taking the CTP, best practices, mock sessions and recommendations and training on how to teach the CTP to our different MENA members.

More than a training, the sessions served as a reminder of the impact of the CTP in the lives of all WYAME members,  and how it is important to bring it to life in conflict zones as it stresses on the dignity of each person.

The WYAME Training of Trainers program is currently by invite-only. For questions, please email middleeast@wya.net