WYAMENA Holds National Committees and Chapters Solidarity Call

September 3, 2021, MENA – The World Youth Alliance Middle East & North Africa (WYAMENA) holds its second National Committees/Chapters Leaders Solidarity Call of the year.

Since the beginning of 2021, the WYAMENA office has been continuing its efforts in bringing WYA’s mission to MENA through affiliated chapters and national committees.

In this National Committees/Chapters Leaders Solidarity Call, we invited our oldest WYA member, Said Ousaka (who is also the MNC president) to share best practices in leading the National committee with other leaders. Also, we had a Q&A at the end of the call where attendees got the opportunity to ask questions to benefit from Said’s experience in leading the Morocco National Committee. 

This call also served as a reminder of why it is even more important than ever to promote human dignity in MENA and how these young leaders are the hope MENA has.

You can also start a chapter if you are a certified member. For more details, please email us: mena@wya.net