WYAMENA holds Online Community Call for CTP Batch 3

August 6, 2021, MENA – World Youth Alliance Middle East & North Africa (WYAMENA) held an online community call for Batch 3 of Certified Training Program (CTP).

Since the beginning of the year, WYAMENA hosted a regular community call for every new CTP Batch. This call aims to engage CTP trainees and trainers from different groups together and introduce them to the Regional office.

The online call, led by WYAMENA Regional Program Officer, Zainab AlRamlawi, and the Events Management Intern, Nasrin Azizy, consisted of an icebreaker for the batch to get to know each other more, talking more about WYA’s mission, programs and discussing upcoming events and goals for MENA. The event was concluded with a Q&A.

More than a mere online call, the event served as a reminder of the importance of effectively understanding human dignity for all of MENA, namely countries suffering from challenging conditions, and WYAMENA’s commitment to bringing its values to the world.

Visit our website to know more about the CTP. WYAMENA is still recruiting for the MENA Batch 4. Simply apply through this link.

For any questions, please email: mena@wya.net