WYAMENA Signs a New Partnernship with Amity University in UAE

December 10, 2020, Dubai, UAE – World Youth Alliance officially sealed a partnership with the Amity University in Dubai, becoming the first UAE based WYA partner. The partnership is set to be implemented by the World Youth Alliance- Middle East & North Africa regional office in 2021.

Amity University – Dubai is the largest multi-disciplinary university in the United Arab Emirates, committed to delivering world-class education and research. The institution is one where knowledge is offered both the growth of students and the growth of the wider society. Amity encourages research and innovation and celebrates success to nurture an environment that will develop young minds into the leaders of tomorrow.

Photo by StudyAbroad

WYA is happy to pursue this partnership with Amity University, which will allow its students to gain professional skills working on WYA’s projects and a substantive learning experience on WYA’s core ideas. The university’s students will have the chance to apply to the Certified Training Program, WYAMENA’s Online Internship Program and all the exciting events and lectures WYA offers. At WYA, interns gain first-hand work experience in their chosen field, may it be in the sphere of advocacy, education, project management, marketing, and health.



The World Youth Alliance continues to build partnerships around the world to encourage a culture where Human Dignity is acknowledged and understood, and where the value of the human being is at the core of human flourishing.