WYANA at the Vita et Veritas Conference at Yale University

On October 2nd and 3rd,  World Youth Alliance North America staff and interns joined The Vita et Veritas Conference at Yale University, Connecticut. They contributed their pro-life voices and shared with other participants about World Youth Alliance’s distinctive philosophy, worldwide projects and proud accomplishments.




Delivering a passionate speech, Weronika Janzuk, the Director of Education at the WYA, discussed women’s health from a global perspective. In the panel discussion “Beyond the Pep Rally: Pro-life Careers”, WYANA Regional Director of Operations, Pauline Go, shared why and how she had embarked on her pro-life career at the WYA.


As one of the first speakers, Janzuk, through her forty-five-minute speech, shared with the audience World Youth Alliance’s journey of defending the dignity of the human person and its sister organization, FEMM.“We can only know what is good for the human person by beginning with the person, with his or her structure, the way he is built and his need, and that is the only way we can proceed to an authentic human rights project,” she asserted.


She continued by addressing women’s issues on an international scale, particularly the reality of women’s health. According to her, people need to “address these issues in a way that respect women’s dignity, provide for her needs in a way that is aligned with her life and truth”.



Similar to Janzuk, Go stressed during the discussion that an unborn child has intrinsic dignity from the point of conception. “WYA tries to educate a generation that not only understands, but also is able to articulate why this unborn child has intrinsic dignity,” she said. For Go, the WYA is the community that helps her stay motivated and passionate for the pro-life cause. To illustrate, she shared the story of how FEMM at the United Nations received positive feedback from  international groups.


Majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience, Go does not consider this difference in educational background as a hindrance to her current work at  WYA. She advised, “we didn’t necessarily have to have pro-life careers, because no matter what jobs you do, you can always contribute to the pro-life cause and defend the dignity of the unborn child.”


Held for third time, The Vita et Veritas conference brought to Yale University a distinct and diverse group of pro-life speakers such as Dave Sterrett, author of Aborting Aristotle, Jason Jones, the 2006 film Bella’s producer, Erika Bachiochi, author of the “Embodied Equality: Debunking Equal Protection Arguments for Abortion Rights”, Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy (2011) and other passionate individuals.