WYANA Attends 5th Annual Vita et Veritas Conference

The 5th annual Vita et Veritas (Life & Truth) Conference was hosted by Yale University’s student-led group Choose Life at Yale (CLAY) on October 6-7, 2017. The theme for this year’s conference was “Pro-Life is Pro-Woman,” and CLAY welcomed approximately 200 students, alumni, community members, and other supporters to examine the ideas that underlie the theme.

Various speakers shared their experience in the movement and wisdom from their courageous efforts. The World Youth Alliance’s regional director Weronika Janczuk was among seven speakers who presented. She shared about WYA’s affiliate health program FEMM (Fertility Education and Medical Management) in a talk entitled, “Thinking Long-Term: Models for Sustainable Pro-Life Women’s Healthcare,” and explained how it is essential for women to be active participants in their own care, and to build sustainable clinical models that enable both preventative education as well as holistic medical care. The key lies in understanding how the body works. “International standards for ‘informed consent,’” says Weronika, “require that women have access to options, information, and understanding—but only 3% of women around the world can identify their own ovulation, and the vast majority do not understand what is objectively the standard for their own reproductive and general health.”

Increased standards for health and fertility literacy are possible with the FEMM program, through the free app available on iPhone and Android devices, as well as information and training sessions offered online and in-person.

Additional speakers who shared throughout the weekend were Abby Johnson, activist and former Planned Parenthood clinic director; Arina Grossu, of the Center for Human Dignity; and Daniel K. Williams, of the University of West Georgia.

Regional director of operations Julia Kenney and intern Taylor Walsh joined Weronika with representation at Vita et Veritas, and were grateful for the opportunity to meet students from the east coast who share a love for the human person.


WYA North America thanks CLAY for the hard work and hospitality, and invites all young people to join its fall Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) series.