WYANA Celebrates Most Distinguished Member of 2013

Greetings, WYA North America members!

We’re slowly getting deeper into 2014 and all the exciting new projects it holds.  Before we close the door on all the wonderful things that have happened in 2013, we would like to introduce a new tradition.  We are very grateful for all that has been accomplished in 2013, and we are fully aware that our work is due in large part to the contributions of our wonderful members.  In light of this, we’d like to begin the tradition of celebrating our “Most Distinguished Member of the Year.”

2013’s title goes to Abraham Martinez, a new WYA member who has stood out in many ways.  Abraham Martinez is a political science student who has already done a wonderful job completing our online training program, attended our Emerging Leaders Conference, and started a new WYA chapter at University of Toronto.  We consider ourselves quite lucky to have him on our team.

By way of introduction, we’ve asked Abraham to answer some questions for us:

What first drew you to WYA?


The aspect of WYA I found most attractive was that all their initiatives are well-founded on a solid concept of the human person. For a while I sought to get involved with an organization whose goals would somehow aim at contributing to the promotion of actions and ideas that could effectively influence in building a better society.

WYA’s international outreach, the fact that it is youth oriented/directed and its participation at institutions such as the UN were definitely factors that caught my attention. When a friend -knowing my interests-, told me about WYA I looked for more information about it and liked it right away.

What’s your favorite aspect of World Youth Alliance? Favorite memory/ experience with WYA?

As I said before, the solid and clear notion of the human person’s dignity upon which all of their initiatives are based, is the aspect I like the most. 
The great selection of readings and the structure of the Track A Training, is certainly another of my favorite things about WYA.
Being able to attend the 2013 ELC in New York is probably my favorite experience since I became more involved with this project: I got to meet amazing people with similar ideas and interest in shaping our society into a more person-centered one.

What are some of your personal interests?

The university programs I am taking and the extracurricular activities I am involved with, reflect my interests very well. I am doing Political Science and Peace, Conflict and Justice Studies. I think that being able to influence at the political level is essential in building fairer societies that promote real development; also, solid and enduring peace-building processes can only be pursued with an adequate understanding of the human person in its integrity. I hope to put these ideas into practice in the actual world, and I think that being part of WYA is a great way of doing that.

What are three things that most people don’t know about you?

I like some “alternative” music, I like to think I know French but I actually don’t: just un petite peu, and I don´t mind watching baseball games…although not that often.