WYANA Completes Final ELC of 2017

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Prince Edward Island: birthplace of Canada, home of Anne of Green Gables, and now the location of the World Youth Alliance’s first Emerging Leaders Conference in Canada. On November 17-18, students and members of the island community gathered with the WYANA team to learn about human dignity and to discuss major issues faced by the world today. A wonderful team of people from the community helped to organize the conference alongside the NYC-based WYANA staff.

Friday evening started with a brief introduction to the World Youth Alliance, and a testimonial from our intern and Prince Edward Island-native Taylor Walsh of her experiences with the notion of dignity in her life and her internship in New York. Weronika Janczuk, WYANA Regional Director, then laid out the foundation of the philosophical understanding of the human person through a philosophical lens.

Weronika continued that note Saturday morning, building upon the ideas discussed the evening before, discussing the “modern identity crisis” that people face today as we run into different ideologies that can cause us to stray from the truth.

Julia Kenney, WYANA Director of Operations, shared about the Human Dignity Curriculum—the basic idea and importance of integrating lessons based on human dignity into schools beginning at a young age, and stories of how she has witnessed these changes in students of the schools she has visited who are using the HDC in their classrooms. Weronika followed with an informative overview of FEMM (Fertility Education & Medical Management).

After lunch at the local Farmer’s Market with many of the conference participants, participants settled in for a case study conversation by guest speaker Donald Hilton, MD (Univ. of TX-SA) who spoke on the effects of pornography on culture. His talk sparked much curiosity and prompted many questions from the participants.

At the end of the conference, participants of the ELC discussed the potential for WYA on PEI, how the HDC and FEMM could be implemented, and how the creation of a chapter would aid in the growth of the organization.

About 30 participants joined us in Charlottetown at the University of Prince Edward Island for the conference—a very engaged crowd that eagerly contributed to the conversation and asked lots of questions to our speakers. A new WYA PEI Chapter is in the works, thanks to a motivated group of young adults in the community, and we look forward to seeing the growth and development to come.