WYANA Duo Tours the Midwest!


Campus of the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, MN.

This past October, the WYANA duo took a dignity tour of the Midwest, introducing WYA and its sister organization and women’s health program, FEMM, to different schools and communities in five different states: Kansas, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana. The trip was a sort of homecoming for the two staff members, as they both have Midwestern roots: Weronika Janczuk, WYANA RD, grew up in Minnesota, whereas Julia Kenney, WYANA RDO, grew up in Michigan and is an alumna of St. Mary’s College at Notre Dame in Indiana.


Julia demonstrates a long-standing tradition on campus at Notre Dame: unlocked bikes left hanging from trees.

Across all five states, Weronika and Julia visited Benedictine College, the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, the College of St. Benedict, the University of St. Thomas, Hillsdale College, Notre Dame University, St. Mary’s College, Holy Cross College, and the University of Chicago, alongside a number of public and private high schools, as well as other community organizations that will support the growth of a WYA presence. Some students from these schools were recent participants at the WYANA Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) in New York, and are in the process of opening chapters, to help support Midwestern implementation of the Certified Training Program (CTP), the Human Dignity Curriculum (HDC), and FEMM. All this work is WYANA’s first step toward opening a sub-regional office to support quickly expanding growth in the region.

The WYANA team continues to encourage young people from across the Midwest to get in touch (northamerica@wya.net), to discuss concrete next steps for bringing WYA and its projects to campuses in the United States and Canada–all in the name of dignity!