WYANA Expands & Launches The Person Project (TPP) in NYC

In the fall of 2016, WYANA regional directors Weronika Janczuk and Julia Kenney put their heads together to develop a plan for growing WYA’s presence in North America, alongside the reach of its projects, including the Human Dignity Curriculum (HDC) and FEMM (Fertility Education & Medical Management).

One solution was to move its single Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) beyond New York City and closer to members, and so the NA team ran five conferences over the 2017-2018 school year.

The WYANA is gearing up to run 8+ conferences over the 2018-2019 school year. All NA members are invited to attend.

In their travel, and their training of members in the Certified Training Program (CTP), the regional directors realized that the United States and Canada manifest a multi-tiered problem, which deeply affects an understanding of the human person with his dignity: the first is the lack of any coherent formation with regards to what it means to be a human person, and as a result what it means to live as a human person in the right way, one ordered to true freedom and flourishing; the second is that poorly-formed and wounded persons actively cause damage to themselves and to others, further impairing the capacity of individual persons to become fully alive.

The solution was to return to the basics.

On Saturday, May 12, 2018, WYANA launched The Person Project (TPP), which is an exploration of the most urgent question of the 21st century: What, and who, is the human person? The answer to this question shapes all understanding of reality—understanding of myself, of the world, of how I relate to it, and how I respond to it. The answer to the question also shapes all cultural, social, and political infrastructure, and a clear answer is readily required.

Bringing together a group of WYA’s friends in New York City, WYANA Regional Director Weronika offered an introduction to the relationship of reality to the study of philosophy and psychology, and vice-versa: There is an objective, complete reality to discover, and it is the greatest adventure of the human person to order his entire person, with all of his capacities, to that reality–to see it the right way, to respond to it, to know it, to choose it, and to love it.

The TPP modules helps put persons on the path of knowing the good, true, and beautiful, and gives a framework for orienting the individual self in context of reality as a whole. Once we can all do this as individual persons, we can build healthy communities, universities, cities, and more.

The Person Project, Session #1: Philosophical & Psychological Foundations

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In 2018 we will explore the application of this question to bioethics, and the ordered care for individuals and the discernment of medical choices, and in 2019, to good governance–the building and managing of structures.

Are you a North American who is interested in helping us set the region afire?

  1. Bring a WYA ELC to your campus.
  2. Invite a staff member to give a lecture.
  3. Share FEMM with three women you know.
  4. Send an HDC video to your favorite teacher.
  5. Complete the Certified Training Program.

Want to do more?

Shoot us an email at northamerica@wya.net, and consider giving a dime or two for the sake of the WYANA Revolution Project, which will help us reach more students, faculty, and others in need of the beautiful tools and goods WYA offers the world.