WYANA Prepares to Host 2017 International Summer Camp

In early May, the North American regional staff traveled to Warner, New Hampshire, which will be the site of the 2017 International Summer Camp (ISC) in order to visit the host college campus.

Despite the fog, the campus reveals beautiful forestry and great space to bring together the largest group of campers WYA’s ISC has ever hosted. Camp will include discussions about key questions and issues, from the dignity of the person to trends at the UN, as well as a whole spectrum of explosive fun:  a bonfire, games of “Capture the Flag” and soccer, as well as an incredibly rare experience of solidarity.

Students aged 13-18, from all regions of the world, are invited to join.

Applications for ISC will remain open through mid-May for those who require a visa, and through mid-June for those who do not.

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