WYANA RD Ends University Year With Travel!

WYANA Regional Director, Weronika Janczuk, is spending the last weeks of the standard university year in North America on travel, hoping to move pieces for the regional WYA office as well as goals for WYA’s affiliate women’s health program, FEMM.

In mid-February, Weronika drove from New York City to OH, where she first spent some time supporting the work of the Columbus FEMM Health Center. Then, she drove eastward toward Steubenville, where she coordinated with the Intercollegiate Defense of Equality and Solidarity (IDEAS) chapter on campus for two talks–one on human formation, and one one FEMM, alongside a series of meetings with administration and the nursing department on campus, among others. WYANA is excited to welcome the IDEAS affiliate to its NY offices soon for training during some UN commissions.

Finally, Weronika drove a bit backward to Cleveland, for a series of meetings with potential partner organizations. Much follow-up remains!

In early March, Weronika traveled to New Haven, CT, for two separate talks at Yale University, first at the Yale Political Union, where she discussed re-defining standards for sexual education, providing age-appropriate and fundamental foundations with a program like WYA’s HDC, and then research-based women’s health initiatives with FEMM. Following this talk, Weronika spoke with the Yale Christian Union, on human formation, and hopes to return to campus for further opportunities soon.

Mid-March, she spent two days on Prince Edward Island, CAN, with an opportunity to speak at a local bar on human formation–and coordination with a group of students at the University of Prince Edward Island on the potential launch of a local WYA chapter. Weronika, and the NA regional director of operations, Julia, are always brainstorming ways to involve small communities like PEI’s in WYA’s long-term work.

Soon Weronika will travel again to the Midwest, for a final trip wrapping up the school year, with some follow-up talks at local universities and meetings with new possible partners for WYA and FEMM in Wisconsin and Iowa.

As the university year comes to a close, Weronika and Julia will have traveled more extensively this year than many NA duos in the past, with great hopes that their effort and time will help yield a more successful WYA presence in the region.