WYANA Travels to San Antonio Among 12k Students

RDO Julia Kenney speaks to a freshman from a WYA college campus.

In early January, the WYANA team—RD Weronika Janczuk and RDO Julia Kenney—met in San Antonio, Texas, at the SEEK 2017 conference, hosted by a national organization for university students, to introduce the work of WYA and FEMM. Both were thrilled to encounter chapter leaders and members from existing universities, to welcome new members to WYA, and to share the work of WYA’s affiliate organization FEMM with 500 women.

Despite the unexpectedly cold weather, the conference experienced proved to be an unexpected success. “It is always such a joy to bring WYA to students in settings like this one,” explains Weronika. “The work that WYA and FEMM are doing is so unlike the work of other organizations that students are always pleasantly surprised and relieved to be approached, to be introduced to this work, and to have an opportunity to get involved.” WYANA hopes to make a presence at this conference, hosted in one form or another every year, a regular component of its recruitment.