WYA’s 6th International Summer Camp was a success!

The North American Team is back from their 2-week International Summer Camp at Mount St Mary College in Newburgh, New York!  The 6th annual camp was better than ever, and we received participants from Egypt, Denmark, Lebanon, Mexico, Taiwan, Belgium, Canada, and throughout the United States.  During the camp, this group of young people from very different cultural, social and religious backgrounds came together to share a lived experience of their dignity.  They were very enthusiastic about the training they received on our core ideas, and eager to apply the historical lessons of dignity, freedom, and solidarity to their own lives and to the relationships that they formed with each other. 

We saw this at countless points throughout the two weeks, whether it was during the soccer matches, WYAlympic games, training discussions or mealtimes! We were so impressed with the respect they had for one another and with their openness to each other. The campers’ experience is well expressed by one of the participants below:

“Upon arrival, I was struck by the immediate camaraderie that developed between all the campers, as well as the counselors. And it’s not shallow or fake, but it is a genuine and healthy solidarity that I hope will last long after we go our separate ways. It has been so beautiful to see how though we are different, we respect our differences in such a way that builds each other up, and never tears down. It is a rare environment that is hard to find in today’s world, and so I am very grateful for the experience, and for what it has done for me.”  -Theresa Allen, New Jersey