WYA’s Eid Ul Fitr Celebration on Transit Magazine!

Andrea Hontiveros (WYA member since 2005) joined WYA Asia Pacific’s Eid Ul Fitr Celebration last 13 October to learn more about Islam and the Maranao culture (the Maranao tribe is one of the tribes found in Mindanao, a southern island in the Philippines). She came armed with a notebook and pen – ready to take notes, and soak in a culture majority of the Filipinos are not exposed to. After an afternoon of games, talks and Maranao cuisine, Andrea was ready to submit an article to Transit.

Andrea Hontiveros, is the Marketing and Circulations Manager of Transit, a weekly news magazine in Manila, that is circulated all over the metropolis. Get your copy of Transit every Wednesday at the different universities or bookstores! Website: http://transit.com.ph/

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Photos of Donna de Jesus (Philippine Committee)