WYA’s Sister Women’s Health Program to Host Midwestern Training

The WYA and FEMM teams from NYC visit FEMM’s health center in Columbus, OH.

WYA’s sister women’s health program, FEMM, is set to host its first Midwestern Teacher Training Course this spring. The course is scheduled for March 2-3, 2017, in St. Paul, MN, and will be a key move for the WYANA team in growing its presence at Midwestern university campuses and opening a sub-regional office to help maintain and contribute to long-term growth in the region.

WYA members from the Midwest are invited to apply to attend the course. Fully certified FEMM Teachers can teach FEMM to members of their local communities, and are put on track to help teach WYA’s Human Dignity Curriculum (HDC) and teenFEMM in local middle and high schools.

Additional details and the application form are available here.