“Young Leaders for Tomorrow”: WYA Portugal holds 5-day project in Lisbon

MAY 22-26, LISBON, PORTUGAL – The World Youth Alliance (WYA) Portugal gathered 40 young people from Portugal, Belgium, Austria, Italy and Croatia to participate in the 5-day Erasmus+ funded project “Young Leaders For Tomorrow”, which was carried in partnership with WYA Europe.

The project offered young people for training for critical thinking, empowered them to take initiative and prepared them to be active citizens. Objectives of the project “Young Leaders for Tomorrow” were to start an intercultural dialogue between young people from different parts of the EU and provide them a platform for sharing their concerns and positive experiences. The project also aimed at promoting a sense of community between young people in the EU and offered the participants with concrete advice on how to train and encourage their peers to take initiative and be involved in civil society in their respective communities.

For one of the activities of the project the participants produced twenty short videos, in which they practiced publicly sharing their thoughts and ideas about the environment, migration and other topics they are involved with in order to practice making an impact in society. They were also offered a workshop centered around debating three topics the participants felt strongly about: migration, environmental concerns and the demographic situation of Europe. Having done intensive independent research and preparatory teamwork in the timeframe that was available to them, the participants formed six teams that debated with each other.

Such activities helped them to practice expressing their views and being comfortable in defining their message and speaking about it publicly. At the end of the event, all participants received a Youth Pass certificate which proves their participation and the skills they gained.

World Youth Alliance regularly organizes similar projects. More information about these events can be found here. Behind every project stand dedicated young leaders who prepare workshops, research interesting topics and come up with new ideas to design the projects for other young people.

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