Young WYA Donors Foster the Culture of Giving

The World Youth Alliance’s work of engaging young people to foster a culture of respect and understanding for the human person would not be possible without the support and donations of our members. Every gift to the organization allows young people to actively engage in projects, trainings, and other efforts that are in line with WYA’s ideals on understanding and safeguarding every individual’s worth. In this article, we have the pleasure of featuring young WYA Donors who continue to support WYA in its mission of defending the intrinsic dignity of every human person. Read on to learn more about their thoughts on the organization and why you should be on board the culture of giving as well!

Agnes King

“WYA made a difference in my life, and I know that it does for the young people involved,” muses Agnes as she reflects on WYA’s impact. When she was a WYA staff member, Agnes witnessed the growth of the WYA Croatia chapter and attended the first WYA Week in Croatia as well. She marks this as one of the most incredible experiences she’s had in working for WYA. She noted that even though the country had been through a totalitarian regime and had suffered from a serious war less than 20 years before, their people showed great hope. “Leading up to their country joining the EU, young people invited the World Youth Alliance to become a presence in their country and asked for our training programs. Seeing the hope and courage of those young people left a lasting impression.”


As a young WYA Donor, Agnes acknowledges that she appreciates the people in the organization who continuously make it a good platform to constructively promote the dignity of the human person by providing trainings at a local and international level. “WYA does good work, has good programs, but for me, it’s the people. It’s the many wonderful members, interns, staff members, and alumni that I’ve met and with whom I’ve worked,” Agnes responds when asked what the organization means to her. She proceeds to talk about how a little goes a long way in supporting the internship programs. “There are many reasons to support the World Youth Alliance, but I donate to the World Youth Alliance for the interns. Every internship batch that I hosted as a Director of Operations had anywhere between two and five young people who needed a stipend to cover living expenses. A small donation given regularly to the internship fund can make it possible for WYA to give that stipend to an intern who may not otherwise be able to afford to do the internship.”  


Donna de Jesus

Back then, there was no office – we met and worked from Erika’s living room, or dining room. (It) didn’t feel like the typical summer job, which made it fun and interesting,” Donna recalls when she became part of WYA Asia Pacific’s first batch of interns under Erika Tatad, WYAAP first Regional Director in 2004. Donna fondly looks back at her favorite internship moments where she built houses and had a live-in immersion with other WYA members with Gawad Kalinga. She also spent her first winter as a New York intern with friends from other parts of the world.“One of WYA’s most appealing qualities for me is its ability to bring together people from different cultures, countries, and ages and allow them to work together. WYA gives you an avenue to celebrate the power of the human spirit and understand how to translate that to other people.” 


Donna saw this manifest in her own experience as she appreciates how WYA allowed her to understand the abstract and translate it to concrete, positive actions. “WYA has helped me have an avenue to promote the dignity of the human person everyday – from speaking with leaders and influencers about youth concerns to working at the grassroots level to help other young kids understand and value the dignity of the person.” On being a young WYA donor, Donna gives out a call for support to others who choose to support WYA’s mission. “I hope WYA donors will not tire of supporting. We need to engage more people to create, understand and nurture a culture of respect and understanding. Your gift of time and money will encourage more young people to do that.”  

Join us in promoting an understanding of the dignity of human person by making an impact on the lives of young people around the world! Be a young WYA donor today and show your support WYA by clicking here.