Youth Forum: WYAME Part of Youth Empowerment

13128607_10156954488965217_893349493_oBeirut—The World Youth Alliance Middle East took part at the USJ Youth Forum with the objective to recognize the value of volunteering between the youth through the empowerment of their work. The event took place at the Saint Joseph University, where around 15 NGOs and humanitarian organizations were present. WYA Regional Intern Otto Kaplas and the active volunteer Giorgio Khoury represented WYA at the event.

The day began with a black and white photo exhibition on the theme “The Youth Volunteer in Lebanon”. Afterwards, the fair was launched. The booths were organized by the youth presenting their volunteering experience through projects or associations.


During the Forum multiple groups were led around the stands and they were given a short brief of WYA’s mission and programs. Other NGO’s showed great interest and wanted to do co-work with WYA in the future. The day ended with an “Oscar Night for the CIF” in which a winner from each category won a trophy.

Giorgio was available throughout the day for discussions and questions about WYA.