WYA Christmas Card

This year, WYAAP released limited edition custom-made Christmas cards. Each card contains a pop-out paper star ornament inside a white envelope for you or your special recipient. You have the option to simply purchase our Paper Stars that you could send to your friends, or purchase them and send along a positive letter, which we’ll snail mail to a complete stranger who also sent in one. If you choose the latter, you’ll be receiving a letter from a stranger too. 


Card Only

Singles – USD 5 / PHP 200

Pack of 5 – USD 20 / PHP 900

Pack of 10 – USD 30 / PHP 1,500


Card + 1 Letter 

Singles – USD 6 / PHP250

Pack of 5 – USD 21 / PHP 950

Pack of 10 – USD 31 / PHP 1,550




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