Emerging Leaders Conference

The Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) is designed for young people and offers discussions, lectures, and training on topics relevant to ongoing international policy debates. The Emerging Leaders Conference happens every year in the following regions: Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and North Africa, North America. Each WYA Region holds a local ELC. Contact education@wya.net for more information or click the regional tabs to view the details of your regional ELC event. 

Overarching Theme

The theme this 2019 is Good Governance and Human Flourishing. Each region has developed a theme for their conference that addresses issues or concepts regarding good governance and human flourishing that is relevant to the region.

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The Africa Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) is an annual program activity that brings together young people from across Africa to interact with leaders and policy makers on current global issues. The 2019 Africa Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) is the tenth (10) to be organised by World Youth Alliance Africa. The theme is Good Governance & Human Flourishing with a the tentative Sub- theme, Building Good Governance in Young Leaders. The conference will take place on November 2019

Where do I get the Application Form?

Find the application form here.

How do I make payments?

BY SAFARICOM’S MPESA: Through the World Youth Alliance Africa MPESA Paybill number by Wednesday 7th November 2018. MPESA Business Number is 559066, with account number as ELC.

BY CHEQUE: To World Youth Alliance Africa, delivered on or before Wednesday 7th November 2018.

BY WIRE TRANSFER: Please include the following information when making a wire transfer

Details of Payment: Emerging Leaders Conference 2018
Bank Name: Stanbic Bank Limited
Account Name: World Youth Alliance Africa
Account Number: 0100005433527

We have only 150 slots to allocate. Ensure to make payments on receipt of your acceptance letter.


For any inquiries, reach us through africa@wya.net or directly call us through +254-202-508-626, +254 713 906 471. We look forward to meeting you and your friends soon in Nairobi.


1. Dr. Luis G. Franceschi (far left) with WYA Africa RD and Immediate Former RDO
2. Dr. Wahome Ngare
3. Tim Kipchumba
4. David Kisache – Panel Moderator, Co- Emcee
5. Jr. Victor Baba Emmanuel Aligo
6. Lillian Kilwake
7. Tim Howe
8. Philip Moturi Moturi
9. International Solidarity Forum (ISF) 2018 Representatives Panel : Dannis Ogola (Kenya), Doreen Nakato (Uganda), Anne Kioko (Kenya), Rodrigue Makelele (DRC) Adam Malik (Kenya)

We had 5 WYA members represent the Africa region at the International Solidarity Forum (ISF) 2018. They shall be sharing their insights from the discussions there and bring us up to speed on the issues on human dignity and bioethics spoken about at the forum. Each of them has completed the Certified Training Programme (CTP) or undertaken the Regional Internship and are active members of WYA and live out our mission serving as dignity defenders in their different careers.  

Conference Topics

Day One

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Introduction to WYA, Conference Overview
  • Key Note Address
  • Performance: Spoken Word
  • Human Dignity & Bio-ethics; emerging issues on the African Continent
  • Human Dignity & Bio-ethics; emerging issues in Medical Practice
  • Human Dignity & Bio-ethics; emerging issues in Pharmaceutical Practice
  • Human Dignity & Bio-ethics; a global youth perspective and sensitisation on emerging issues

Day Two

  • Country Study; understanding, national, regional and international policies and governance on Migration
  • Insights on African Youth Global Migration
  • Understanding the role of the different international organisations in migration
  • African Youth experiences as refugees and impact of their migration to the country of origin, country of transit, and host country
  • Breakout session: Group Discussion and Presentation

Day Three

  • Sustainable innovative livelihood solutions for African youth
  • Making SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound) livelihood decisions
  • Understanding investments, insurance and pension programs for the African youth
  • Case Studies; African Youth currently running sustainable initiatives and income generating projects

Read more about the conference here

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Africa Emerging Leaders Conference?

The Africa Emerging Leaders Conference (AELC) is an annual World Youth Alliance event that brings together youth from across Africa to interact with leaders and policy makers on current global issues through lectures and discussions. In addition, a rich display of culture is enjoyed through the sessions at the conference.

Who is invited for the AELC?

Youth aged between 16 -30 years.

Why is it important and worthwhile?

This year’s theme will focus on “Human Dignity and Bioethics: African Youth Perspective on Bioethics, Migration and Livelihood Solutions.” It will enable youth to engage ideas that are of importance to young people on the continent of Africa to understand how we can contribute to a better Africa and in turn a better world in solidarity as the Africa Emerging Leaders.

What logistics will be provided?

All travel expenses and accommodation will be borne by the participants. WYA Africa will not finance accommodation. ONLY lunch and snacks will be provided for the 3 (three) days of the conference.

How will visas be processed for participants outside Kenya?

Kenya allows visa waivers for many countries. Please check with the Kenya Department of Immigration to confirm whether you require a visa or otherwise. Each participant will be required to have official travel documents (passports , national identity cards or other). Supporting documents from WYA Africa will be provided to enable an easy entry into Kenya through customs.

What is the cost of the Conference?

Payment Deadline : Kes 3500/USD 35  by Wednesday, 7th November 2018. Kindly note, we have only 150 slots to allocate.

What is the dress code for the conference? 

The dress code is either formal or smart business casual.

Registration Form

Fees & Payments

The three day conference will cost Kes 3,500 /USD 35  Registration for conference fees, the conference materials, lunch and a certificate for the three-day conference. Payments will be made upon WYA’s confirmation (an acceptance letter) to attend the conference. Applicants are required to make payments on or before Wednesday 7th November 2018 .

BY SAFARICOM’S MPESA Through the World Youth Alliance Africa MPESA Paybill number by 7th November 2018. MPESA Business Number is 559066, with account number as ELC.

By CHEQUE To World Youth Alliance Africa, delivered on or before Wednesday 7th November 2018.

BY WIRE TRANSFER Please include the following information when making a wire transfer Details of Payment: Emerging Leaders Conference 2018 Bank Name: Stanbic Bank Limited Swift Code: SBICKENXXXX Account Name: World Youth Alliance Africa Account Number: 0100005433527

AELC 2017 in Summary

The 2017 Africa Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) was the eighth (8th)to be organised by World Youth Alliance Africa. The theme for the 2017 ELC was Population and Environment : The Role of Lawyers in Contemporary Society, Addressing the Migrant Question, and it took place at Uganda Christian University, Mukono, Uganda from Wednesday 4th to Thursday 5th October, 2017. The conference was conducted in English.

Photos of the 2017 ELC

AELC 2016 in Summary

The 2016 Africa Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) was the seventh (7th)to be organised by World Youth Alliance Africa. The theme for the 2016 ELC was People and Environment : Sharing Youth Innovation and Best Practices, and it took place at Strathmore University, Nairobi, Kenya from Tuesday 8th to Thursday 10th November, 2016. The conference was conducted in English and had sign-language interpretation.

Photos of the 2016 ELC


AELC 2015 Delegate Testimonials

ELC Africa was a tremendous experience that enabled me to meet and interact with youth and emerging leaders from all over Africa. This experience made me feel and see that the dream of the Africa we want will definitely come true by the collective and integrated efforts of those bright young Africans. As in this era of globalization, people start to develop a common culture and values. It is our responsibility the youth and the future leaders to shape these shared culture and values through interacting and communicating in a global and international manner such as in the ELC to be able to direct the future of this global humanity into a safe, sustainable and prosper life.”

 – Hiba Abuelgasim, Sudan

The Africa ELC for me was a refreshing experience. It positively impacted me from the engagement with other young Africans, the open discussions and the learning sessions. Furthermore this period served to draw me close to WYA and her mandate as I gained a greater insight on the deeper need for dignity, solidarity and life; all these are intertwined with the mundane of what it is to be a person. I look forward to ELC 2016, viva WYA!”

– Patricia Ahawo Gwambo, Kenya

“The Africa ELC held at Strathmore University Nairobi, Kenya was a greatly thrilling and exciting experience for me. This was my first trip to another African country. The conference was a real eye-opener for me and for many of my new friends that I met at the conference. Note the inclusion of spiritual and family components, which is the hallmark and one of the back-bones of our African society and which has kept us strong thus far. I learnt concepts like the ‘inalienable dignity of the person’ and how it can be attained and violated, the need to respect our universe/environment, and life’s purpose. All our speakers and panelists were well versed in their fields and laid out their points clearly with a lot of humur, such that I left the conference feeling like a new “me”. Could I ask for a better conference? No. It was awesome.”

– Sarah Ogbewey, Nigeria

“I want to extend my thanks and appreciation to WYA Africa for giving me the opportunity to have participated in the 2015 ELC. The conference, as it was my first experience being out of my country Liberia, was an eye opener for me. I became a different person when I returned to my motherland. I no longer look at the continent Africa and the world in generally from the perspective of my Liberian cultural orientations. I now take into consideration the unique cultures of my fellow African counterparts from over ten countries on the continent. I have understood human dignity from an informed point of view. I have realized my potential as a young person and my role in my society which I think will help in shaping the future of my country, Africa and the world at large. I once again want to extol the WYAA for such a unique educative platform. Thanks!”

– Moses Yahmia, Liberia

The 2015 Africa ELC was informative and full of thought provoking insights on issues pertaining to youth empowerment on the African continent. For me, the epitome was the interactions among emerging African leaders from diverse walks of life. The common element I saw was the generation of young people with passion, drive and desire to invest their talents and skills for the better Africa. The next generation of leaders who are willing to think, believe, dream and dare in all their endeavours. Thanks to the organisers, it was a worthwhile experience!”

– John Bangwe, Zambia

At the 2015 Africa ELC, I found something more valuable than my initial expectations. The diverse group of young leaders from different countries and cultures was so integrative and promising. I was motivated, challenged and transformed through this educative initiative,  Human dignity is all what is needed to shape our Continent – Africa! Now I work on every strategy I heard at ELC – Africa and use every skills I gained at ELC to be a brightest future Leader of my continent Africa and impact others!! I’m very happy to be part of this unique experience and for the opportunity to meet outstanding people. Thanks to ELC. – Africa Organizers.”

– James Leonard Magumba, Tanzania

“First and foremost I would like to thank you all the WYA Team for the memorable event that you organized. 2015 ELC in African was one of its kind with best organizers ever hence fulfilling all my expectations.  ELC provided me with new skills on promoting the dignity of a person which matches with my education interest as well as my passion as someone who is passionate about human rights and child education. I managed to network with other emerging young leaders who have already made a difference in their respective communities and we committed to collaborate in different projects. Furthermore ELC has opened up doors for me whereby I was selected to participate in the Young African Leaders Initiative program at the regional level; a program that was initiated by Barrack Obama. All these come due to the skills and knowledge I got from our best and experienced speakers during the ELC 2015. It will always be an experience to remember!”

– Sylvia Kakyo, Uganda

Past Speakers



The Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) is a unique educational program hosted by the World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific (WYAAP). A dynamic and interactive program, the ELC is designed for young individuals to learn about the salient issues of today and to know how to become effective youth leaders who can defend the dignity of every person.

Through a variety of talks, workshops, breakout group activities (plus a bit of dancing), participants gain the opportunity to learn from resource speakers and their co-delegates, as well as practice building networks and friendships with youth from the Asia Pacific region.

Grounded in the understanding that every person has inherent dignity, each ELC aims to prod the youth toward assessing how their daily actions and decisions affect their lives and the greater community and aim to enrich the youth’s knowledge on person-centered solutions to the world’s toughest problems. 


Applications for the 8th Emerging Leaders Conference are now closed.

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Interested in joining other WYAAP Programs? There are other ways for you to do so!

1. Apply for the Internship Program to be held at our headquarters in Manila, Philippines. Learn more here.

2. Enroll in the Online CTP and complete the certification course at your own pace. Enroll here.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the ELC?

The WYAAP Emerging Leaders Conference is an interactive platform for youth aimed at educating individuals from different backgrounds about the central theme, and at building friendships among youth belonging to the Asia Pacific region.

What makes it different from other youth conferences today?

The World Youth Alliance is an international youth organization known for its talented, hardworking, inspiring, and passionate people who have a big heart for making a concrete impact in their communities—all while having fun. Underneath this process of learning is the experience of being immersed in a culture of positivity and in an encouraging community of youth leaders. Participants can expect to leave the conference with new insights, new friendships, and a strange urge to dance.

Is this opportunity for me?

In WYA, we believe that every person has dignity regardless of beliefs, backgrounds, or circumstance. We are committed to promoting this idea to other people and learning more about the human experience in order for us to understand and respect one another better. If you share these convictions and would like to provide a space for other youth to learn about and in turn live out these ideas, then perhaps this is the opportunity for you.

How can I join the ELC?

Applications for the 8th WYAAP ELC are now closed.

When is the deadline for applications?

We will accept applications on a rolling basis until September 22, 2019 (11:59 PM GMT +08). This means that the sooner you apply, the sooner you will know the results of your application, and the sooner you could confirm your slot. Applicants who submit beyond the deadline on September 22 will be considered a late applicant and will need to settle a higher fee if selected.

Regular Applications PHP 7,900 ($ 165 USD)
For applications received before September 22, 2019 (11:59 PM GMT +08)

Late Applications PHP 8,500 ($ 170 USD)
For applications received after September 22 until September 29, 2019 (11:59 PM GMT +08)

What does the fee include?

The registration fee will cover lodging (4 days, 3 nights) at the event venue, full-board meals, snacks & refreshments, and conference materials. Accepted applicants are expected to shoulder their own travel/airfare expenses.

How will the payments be settled?

Note that only ACCEPTED applicants will be asked to pay the conference registration fee. Once accepted, you may settle your fee through bank deposit, online bank transfer, or PayPal. Bank/transfer fees are not included in the registration fee.

Does WYAAP provide scholarships?

As of now, WYAAP does not offer any form of financial aid to potential participants. We may, however, provide you with a request letter for sponsorships which you may use when looking for sponsors/donors for your trip.

NOTE: Funding requests usually take days or weeks (depending on your school) so we highly advise that you request for this as soon as you receive your letter of acceptance from us. We will announce scholarship opportunities, if any, through the official 8th WYAAP ELC Event Page on Facebook.

Is the conference fee refundable?

Fees are non-refundable. Payments made are final and official. This confirms your slot at the conference. Note that only ACCEPTED applicants are expected to settle the conference fee.

Do I need a visa to enter the Philippines?

The Philippines offers a 30-day visa-free stay to several nationalities. Visit this link to view the complete list, and to view more information regarding the Philippine Visa.

Will airport transfers be provided?

All airport transfers will be shouldered by the participant. If you wish to make other travel plans before (and/or after the conference), feel free to do so at your own expense. Just remember that everyone is expected to register and arrive on time on the first day of the ELC.

What is the dress code for the conference?

Delegates are expected to arrive in decent, smart casual attire to maintain the professional atmosphere of the conference and to respect the cultural beliefs of other delegates and guests you will encounter. Casual wear such as torn jeans, slippers, tank tops, shorts, and other revealing articles of clothing must not be worn during the conference.

Do I need to prepare anything for the conference?

We will be sending pre-conference reminders and readings to accepted applicants, days before the conference proper. As delegates, you will be spending most of your time either listening to interesting talks or participating in group activities. It’s best to bring with you writing materials like a notebook and pen if you wish (in case the materials in your conference kit will not be enough for your notes). You’re also welcome to bring local/ethnic items (small tokens such as bracelets, key chains, or personalized notes!) that you might want to give to your new friends from other cultures on the last day of the event.

Can WYA provide excuse letters since the conference will fall on a school day?

Yes! Just request for one by emailing us at wyaap.conference@gmail.com and send us the following information:

  1. School/University name
  2. School/University address
  3. Full name of your teacher/faculty/school admin member
  4. His/her position/job title
  5. His/her e-mail address

For more inquiries: E-mail us at asiapacific@wya.net, or visit the WYAAP office at 303 Xanland Place 323 Katipunan Ave. Loyola Heights Quezon City. Office hours are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Mondays to Fridays, except on Philippine holidays). You may also reach us via landline by calling +632 921 5162.

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About the Emerging Leaders Conference

The Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) is an annual event hosted by World Youth Alliance Europe, which seeks to bring together young leaders, active members and youth advocates from across Europe to interact with policy makers, experts and leaders on current global issues. It also provides young individuals with special training on programs in those areas to give them the adequate tools to make a difference in their own communities. Known for its intimate forum for dialogue, as well as intellectual formation via lectures and discussions, the ELC fosters a meaningful network of friendships based on a shared vision of the human person.

“Therefore, we call upon the members of the medical profession, ethicists, policy makers and all stakeholders at the local, national, and international levels to stand in solidarity with all persons particularly those in vulnerable situations to ensure that human dignity is protected at all stages of life. ” –WYA Declaration on Human Dignity and Bioethics


Stay tuned for the next WYA Europe Emerging Leaders Conference!

Application process

Stay tuned for the next WYA Europe Emerging Leaders Conference!

If you are not a WYA member yet, please sign the Charter in order to become a member (a prerequisite for participating in the ELC). Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at europe@wya.net.


About the 2018 Emerging Leaders Conference

The conference theme for 2018 was Human Dignity and Bioethics and it took place in Brussels from the 24th to the 28th of November, 2018. While recognizing the importance of medical and technological development in upholding the value of every human life, the conference aimed to provide Europe youth with accurate information on practices that violate person’s dignity, which must be cherished in custom, protected by law, and safeguarded in all settings within all levels of society.


About the 2017 Emerging Leaders Conference

The event brought together young people from across Europe to interact with leaders and policy makers on current global issues. The theme for this year’s conference was ‘MIGRATION & DEVELOPMENT: Human Dignity in the Refugee Crisis’ and took place in Brussels from the 26th to the 29th November, 2017.  The Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) is an annual event hosted by WYA, which seeks to bring together critical thinkers to examine issues in the area of health and education with particular regard to family, women and children. It also provides young leaders with special training on programs in those areas to give them the adequate tools to make a difference back in their country. We would like to thank our delegates, volunteers, and partners who made this event a success!

Stay tuned for the next WYA Latin America ELC! Read about the 2015 ELC here


The WYAMENA Emerging Leaders Conference is happening on November 21, 2020!

Apply Here

The NA Emerging Leaders Conferences (ELCs) are an annual series of events hosted by WYANA, which seek to bring together critical thinkers from across North America to examine key issues. The conferences also provides young leaders with special training on programs in those areas to give them the adequate tools to make a difference in their own communities. The theme for the November ELC will be on The Greater Call, with a focus on Good Governance and Human Flourishing.

Date: November 23, 2019
Time: 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM
Location: WYA Headquarters in New York
Contact Julia Kenney at julia@wya.net for more inquiries.



Mark Shiffman teaches interdisciplinary courses in the humanities, including classical studies, social and political theory, and philosophy.  His research focus on the transformations of the disciplines of knowledge in the west from the Greeks to the present, in both the practical (moral, economic and political) and theoretical (metaphysical, natural scientific and mathematical) fields of inquiry.  He is the translator of Aristotle’s De Anima (Focus Books), and has published on Plato, Aristotle, Plutarch, Augustine, William of Ockham, John Locke, Simone Weil, Ralph Ellison, Wendell Berry and Rémi Brague.





Mene Ukueberuwa is an opinion writer and editor in New York, currently working as an assistant op-ed editor at the Wall Street Journal. Mene is originally from Princeton Junction, New Jersey, and he graduated in 2016 from Dartmouth College with a degree in Government.





1:00 – 1:30 pm      Registration

1:30 – 2:15 pm      The Policy Wheel, Julia Kenney, World Youth Alliance

2:30 – 3:15 pm      Good Governance and Human Flourishing:  Theory and Foundations, Dr. Mark                                        Shiffman, Villanova University 

3:30 – 4:15 pm      Good Governance and Human Flourishing:  Practical Applications and access to                                      Human Capital, Mene Ukueberuwa, Wall Street Journal

4:30 – 5:15 pm      Panel, Dr. Mark Shiffman, Mene Ukueberuwa and Julia Kenney

5:15 – 5:30 pm      Closing Remarks

5:30 – 8:30 pm      Cocktails and Post Conference Event, Film Screening of “Year Zero”. 

Join us for a screening of the film “Year Zero” by the first place winner to WYA’s 2019 Manhattan International Film Festival.  Producer will be there for talk back. Click here for more information.



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