Human Dignity Curriculum

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The Human Dignity Curriculum (HDC) is an innovative program that focuses on personal development and human dignity. Using a language for excellence, each lesson focuses on a “big picture” theme—while helping students to understand and develop healthy habits, good decision-making skills, and a strong sense of meaning and purpose.
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Core Themes (Grades K-12)

  • Human Dignity
  • Hierarchy of Living Beings/ Powers of Living Things:
    • Vegetative (nutrition, growth, reproduction: basic physical existence)
    • Sensitive (senses and emotions: relation with the world)
    • Rational (intellect and will: self-awareness and determination)
  • Intentional Actions
  • Human Freedom
  • Persons as Subjects vs. Objects
  • Friendship & Heroes
  • Human Excellence

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“Everything has its price, like plants and animals, but we humans are worth the infinite.”

3rd grader, Mexico

“. . . through our actions we reveal our character, and this influences how others treat us; if we’re good people, we inspire others to be better to us.”

8th grader, New York

Our Partners

“This program is important because it is 100% human development. Complex philosophical ideas are articulated with a clarity that children can understand.”

– School Principal | Mexico City (Name anonymous to protect identity of school and trafficked children they serve)


“The workshops are very interesting and potentially useful to students and the program is excellently designed and effectively developed.”

– Croatian Education and Teacher Agency (From an expert letter recommending approval of the HDC for use in all Croatian Schools. The Croatian Government has approved the use of the HDC in all schools.)


“Having reviewed the programme, I wholeheartedly endorse its implementation and teaching, and I urge you to consider bringing the programme to your school in the coming scholastic year.

Archbishop Charles Scicluna | Malta


“WYAAP was able to successfully connect to each kid during the implementation. The kids will never forget you made them feel. If (the kids) are formed by the principles and values of WYA and the HDC at a very young age, then just imagine how these can inspire and encourage them to grow (up) with integrity.

– Aireen Navales | Founder – Play, Learn, Serve | Manila, Philippines


“The Human Dignity Curriculum has helped both the children we serve, and their teachers, develop a clear understanding of what it really means to be human, and a deep sense of meaning and purpose.”  

– Stephanie Saroki | Managing Director – Seton Education Partners | United |


“I think [the HDC] is very relevant, especially for a community in a very depressed area sometimes neglected by the government…through this workshop at least they know that although their environment is like that, they have dignity. They are important…that their dreams are valid.

 Monica Aclan | Executive Administrator – Project PEARLS |


“The Human Development Curriculum is an exciting addition to our curriculum because it will offer students the philosophical foundations of our Catholic faith with regard to the moral life and dignity of the human person. In addition, we are excited that students will be delving into rich philosophical questions at a very early age.”

Michael Adkins | Dean of Academics | Saint Agnes School


“WYAAP was able to teach and instill in them (children) that they too have dignity. We, teachers, also learned a lot from the discussions.

              – Gina Alforque | Center Head – Pinagbuhatan Community Childcare Center |
                Manila, Philippines

The HDC is a curriculum intended to assist in the personal development, character, and virtues for every child. Proceeds from the curriculum sale pay for the ongoing cost of development and expansion, and assist us in providing the content to those serving children and families who cannot pay.

•  Purchase of one grade for individual use is $35 USD

•  Purchase of one grade for 10 or more students is $380 USD

•  Purchase of the full K-8 content for 10 or more students is $3,000 USD


The HDC is delivered in electronic format. 

For financial assistance, payment plans, or reductions in cost to serve students and families facing financial need, please contact

Large-scale school district or network purchase discounts are also available. You may also inquire at

Thank you for your generosity that allows us to continue our shared mission. We hope you will continue to donate and support our work.

HDC: Experiences of Program Success Internationally 

by Anna Halpine    

“This curriculum is a creative and systematic approach to helping students respect themselves and others. Students are encouraged to recognize their capacity to be caring, loving, principled, and courageous individuals – subjects and not objects, human beings with inviolable dignity. The lessons provide vocabulary and framework for students to speak about concepts that they already know to be true, because they are so integral to the human condition.”

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HDC Fact Sheet

How can schools learn more about the HDC or adopt it for their use?

  • The HDC is developed for schools use and implementation! Please reach out to us directly to see how we can work with your particular school and needs to bring the HDC to you. Contact us at

Can I use the HDC with my own child at home?

  • We would love that! The HDC is available for individual purchase per grade. This makes it ideal for parents to do with their child/children, or for homeschooling families and co-ops to use together.

Can the HDC be used with after school or non-traditional educational programs?

  • Yes! The HDC can and has been used in these setting. After school programs, clubs, and Church associations can use the HDC program as they wish in these settings. In addition, the HDC has been used successfully with at-risk and out of school populations of youth to great effect. We have been moved and honored to work with many organizations serving these young people and hope the HDC can be used to help many more in the future.

Do you offer training or support for teachers to implement the HDC?

  • WYA is happy to offer teacher training in two forms. One is through getting in touch with the regional office in your area. Depending on your location, institutions can invite our staff to hold a two-day training for teachers to teach the HDC.
  • Another way is through an online training that we can provide to any group of individuals (teachers, support staff) interested in implementing the HDC and providing a broader organizational or school culture. This is a more flexible option that is composed of having teachers in training watch our instructional videos and schedule online call(s) with our staff to provide further support in the training process.
  • Contact for more information about these options.

Can you share best practices and lessons learned from other HDC implementation sites?

  • Yes! WYA is happy to share the lessons learned from our pilots and through collaboration with our partners. Throughout this process we have worked with a variety of settings, each posing their own unique set of challenges. Please reach out to us to discuss the HDC setting you have in mind so that we can share appropriate lessons and best practices with you in your own preparation for adoption of the HDC.

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