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Want to make a difference in the world? Want to create lasting friendships?

The World Youth Alliance International Summer Camp (ISC) is an exciting and personally enriching experience for young people ages 13-18. During this intensive one-week program, young people from all over the world come together to learn about the dignity of the human person and how this concept is the foundation for policy, culture, development, and  change. Participants learn to articulate and defend a vision of the human person that is both positive and critically engaged with global issues.

The 2020 ISC will take place July 12-19th New York, at WYA headquarters and different venues in the city. Guided by our dynamic team of staff and counselors, campers will take part in an intensive formation process as well as fun and lively outdoor excursions throughout the week.

Camper Application Process

All potential campers must complete the ISC application available on the “Application” tab.

Camper Fee

The $650/camper fee covers all accommodations and meals for the duration of the camp. Campers are responsible for their own transportation and visa fees.

Registration Deadline

  • June 26th (No US Visa Needed)
  • May 15th (US Visa Needed)

2020 Camp Topics Include:

  • What is human dignity?
  • What are the manifestations of human dignity, including freedom, solidarity, and culture?
  • How does the value of human dignity serve as the foundation of a prospers and flourishing society and culture?
  • What is authentic leadership and how human dignity serve as the foundation of authentic leadership?

Outdoor and Cultural Activities:

  • WYA’s Certified Training Program (CTP) educational seminars
  • Excursions throughout NYC, including mid-town Manhattan, lower Manhattan, and Brooklyn
  • Coney Island Beach
  • Model United Nations
  • Cultural nights

Applying is easy!

  1. Read and agree to the World Youth Alliance Charter by signing here.
  2. Fill out the ISC Camper Application form below by May 15th, 2020, for those who need US Visas and June 26th, 2020, for those who don’t.
  3. Please submit your summer camp payment after you receive your acceptance letter.

Please follow the steps below to process your camp payment after you receive your camp acceptance letter.  All camp fees must be paid by June 15th, 2020.

  1. For payments by check, please note the following information:

Payable to: World Youth Alliance
Memo line: 2020 Summer Camp
Mail checks to: World Youth Alliance 228 East 71st Street New York, NY 10021 USA

  1. For payments via Paypal, please click the button below. Please note that for campers who have been granted a scholarship, you will be sent a separate payment link via e-mail. You will receive an acknowledgement of payment by email automatically at the end of the fee processing.

“The camp changed the way I see myself and other people. I learned to always seek the good when I have to make decisions in my life. And to treat people as subjects-always. The people here are fantastic. It has been an experience I will never forget.”

– Ida, Denmark

“The experience of the entire camp was totally unlike anything I have ever done before. I have never been to a camp like this, and it is totally new, fascinating and unique. It has brought me out of my bubble and opened me up to a new view of the world.”

– Jack, USA

“The World Youth Alliance International Summer Camp was such a fantastic experience, I learned so much about human dignity, about a diverse new group of people, and about myself.”

– Elizabeth, USA

“It has been an incredible experience, full of informative and fun activities that impacted my understanding and awareness of the world we live in.”

– Rokaia, Egypt

Who is eligible to apply for the ISC?

The WYA International Summer Camp is open to all applicants ages 13-18 years old. We welcome campers from all countries around the world.

What are the expected activities? What is the schedule like?

The ISC combines educational seminars with fun excursions and cultural activities throughout NYC.  The educational seminars are based on WYA’s Certified Training Program, which studies the philosophy of the human person as it relates to international law and authentic leadership.  Please see full schedule here

Does WYA cover travel and visa costs?

Summer campers are responsible for their own travel and visa costs going to and from New York. During the week of camp, campers and counselors will travel NYC via public transportation and WYA will pay for these travel costs.

What are the arrangements for pick up or drop off at nearby airports?

WYA counselors will pick up/drop off campers from JFK, LGA, or EWK airports via public transportation.  Campers should pay for their own travel, but will be accompanied by a counselor.




About the WYAAP Summer Camp

June 1 to 6, 2020 (Monday to Saturday) at Antulang Beach Resort, Negros Oriental, Philippines

This 6-day learning and leisure camp by the beach is a platform for young leaders from the Asia Pacific region to expand their knowledge about human dignity and their role in development. Over the past 12 years, the WYAAP Summer Camp has been a unique experience for our camp graduates where they not only engage in productive discourse but most importantly, gain meaningful friendships.

The summer program presents an opportunity for holistic self-development, cultural exchange, and leadership training through lectures, dialogues, mentorship, and team-building activities. In the end, we see our leaders being able to communicate articulately and effectively on the discourse of human dignity. This allows them to engage their communities in developing person-centered solutions to pressing issues.

As a camper, you will undergo the WYA Certified Training Program or the CTP. This is the premier course of the World Youth Alliance that equips youth with the knowledge and skills to be able to articulate and defend the principles of the dignity of the person within the public square. Completing the CTP also grants its graduates exclusive access to WYA’s global internship and fellowship programs, among many other regional and international opportunities.

What can you get out of the camp?

  • Gain the knowledge and skills to articulate the idea of human dignity through the WYA Certified Training Program.
  • Expand your horizon and develop your leadership and social skills through group activities.
  • Get the chance to engage with other young people from various backgrounds.
  • Become eligible to participate in other WYA regional and international events that are exclusive to WYA Certified Members upon successful completion of the camp.
  • Become eligible to open a WYA Chapter in your school, university, province/state, or country

The program will include discussions on:

  • Dignity and human rights
  • What it means to prioritize the person
  • Person-centered solutions to social issues
  • The youth voice in the international arena
  • Universal values such as solidarity, freedom for excellence, beauty, and others

 Visit the FAQs tab to learn more.


About the 2020 Camp Venue

Antulang Beach Resort is situated 40 kilometers south of Dumaguete City, Philippines. It is a resort suspended on seven sprawling hectares of sheer cliffs peppered with bright-colored bougainvilleas, swimming pools and premium rooms are positioned right at the cliffs’ edge, ensuring guests a commanding view of an endless sea, while winding staircases lead directly to a half-kilometer stretch of isolated white sand beach (excerpt taken from Antulang Resort website).


What our camp graduates think:

“Thank you WYA for the new-found friends that became family, for the memories that I know I’ll keep, and for the insightful discussions on fundamental truths about human dignity, freedom and culture. Thank you, most of all, for teaching me how to see again.” Nielly Clarete, Philippines

“At the beginning, I was really confused with how I could spend six days in a foreign land filled with new faces, but at the last day of the camp I found myself wishing that it did not end so soon.” Anusharan Aryal, Nepal (Read his full blog article here)

“So, here’s to the learnings that has broadened my horizons. Here’s to the amazing people that have surprised and inspired me in so many ways. Here’s to the sound of the crashing waves, the refreshing air, the energy, and the vivid memories. Here’s to my WYA family that has brought me so much joy…” Valda Nurul Izah, Indonesia (Read her full blog article here)


Click here to read more blog articles about the previous Summer Camp.

Need a formal invitation to your school or university?

Send an e-mail to to request a formal invitation letter to your school or university. Make sure to include the following information in your e-mail:

  • Full name of school/university (example: National University)
  • Full name of letter recipient (example: Maria Dapan)
  • Designation/position of the letter recipient (example: University President)
  • E-mail address of the letter recipient
  • Complete office (physical) address of the school/university

WYAAP does not provide scholarship grants for the WYAAP Summer Camp; however, we may provide letters to help you request for funding from contacts and institutions. Accepted campers who wish to extend their stay before or after the camp dates, or who wish to avail of other items/resort services not covered by the camp fee are expected to shoulder their own expenses. 

Camper Application Deadlines and Fees

Fill out the application form on this website before the deadline and wait for an e-mail regarding your application status. Camp fees will cover a camp kit, 6-days/5-nights accommodations at the camp resort venue, meals & refreshments, activity materials, and a unique summer adventure.

Regular Applications: PHP 7,900 (for residents of the Philippines) / $ 175 USD (for international campers) for applications received before April 6, 2020 (11:59 PM GMT+8)

Late Applications: PHP 8,300 (for residents of the Philippines) / $ 185 USD (for international campers) for applications received after April 7 until April 13, 2020 (11:59 PM GMT+8)

NOTE: Camp fees should only be settled upon receipt of your acceptance letter; fees are non-refundable. Accepted applicants are expected to cover their airfare, if necessary. WYAAP will, however, offer local transportation to and from Sibulan Airport in Negros Oriental and the resort venue at no additional cost.

Apply as a Camper

Facilitator Application Deadlines and Fees

Only members who have successfully completed the WYA Certified Training Program are eligible to apply as camp facilitators. Fill out the application form before April 13, 2020, and wait for an e-mail regarding your application status. Camp fees will cover a camp kit, 6-days/5-nights accommodations at the camp resort venue, meals & refreshments, and activity materials, and a unique summer experience.

Lead Facilitators: PHP 7,500 (for residents of the Philippines) / $ 165 USD (for international facilitators)

Support Facilitators: PHP 7,900 (for residents of the Philippines) / $ 175 USD (for international facilitators)

NOTE: Camp fees should only be settled upon receipt of your acceptance letter; fees are non-refundable. Accepted facilitators are expected to cover their airfare, if necessary. WYAAP will, however, offer local transportation to and from Sibulan Airport in Negros Oriental and the resort venue at no additional cost.

Facilitators for the 2019 Summer Camp (Pangasinan, Philippines)

Apply as a Facilitator



Who is eligible to join the Summer Camp?

The WYAAP Summer Camp is open to youth between the ages of 16 to 24 years old belonging to countries in the Asia Pacific region. We are looking for young people who share the values and ideas of the World Youth Alliance and are committed to promoting this advocacy in their lives and communities.

What happens in the Summer Camp?

The World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific (WYAAP) Summer Camp is a major educational training program of WYA wherein campers undergo the WYA Certified Training Program (CTP). The activities will include innovative discussions and lectures, leadership training, team-building activities, and site excursions. The Summer Camp is an excellent platform for individuals who wish to expand their knowledge about advocating the dignity of the person and wish to experience cultural exchange, strengthen their capacity for leadership, and learn more about the role of the youth in development.

What is the Certified Training Program?

The WYA Certified Training Program is a short course designed to provide comprehensive training on the context, ideas, and work of World Youth Alliance. It presents a summary of philosophical, historical, and modern day texts that focus on the dignity of the person and human rights. The training includes a final Accreditation Interview exam which will assess the trainee’s mastery of the lessons. Download more information about the CTP here.

What do I get out of the CTP?

Completing the CTP and obtaining certification will equip you to communicate articulately and persuasively on behalf of the dignity of the human person; provide you with a vocabulary to engage the international community and larger culture on issues relating to the dignity of the person, human rights, and integral development; make you eligible to speak on behalf of WYA and participate fully in WYA activities such as joining an international internship, opening a WYA Chapter, participating in the International Solidarity Forum, among many others; and represent WYA in local and international events

How many applicants will be chosen to join the camp?

Applicants will be screened based on the content and quality of their application requirements and essay answers. Around 30 campers will be selected to join the camp. We are looking for youth who share the values of the World Youth Alliance, are committed to expanding their knowledge about human dignity, and are driven to make an impact in their communities.

Does WYA cover travel and visa costs?

Summer campers are responsible for their own air travel and visa costs going to and from the Philippines and the camp venue. More instructions regarding meet-up and drop-off arrangements will be given to campers upon acceptance of their application.

For foreign nationals, WYA will be able to provide a letter of invitation if necessary for visa applications. Please visit this link if you are required to apply for a visa to enter the Philippines: Guidelines on the entry of temporary visitors to the Philippines. Nationals from certain countries are allowed to enter the Philippines without a visa for a period of stay of thirty (30) days or less.

What is the daily schedule like?

Camp starts daily at 7:30 AM and ends at around 9:00 PM with meals and snacks served in between. A regular day will consist of CTP lectures, team-building activities, group discussions, skills training, and leisure time.

Are adult chaperones permitted to accompany their children?

Adult chaperones will be allowed to, as long as rooms are still available at the venue. Otherwise, they may opt to stay in another resort and visit the camp venue while the program is ongoing. Chaperones are expected to shoulder their own travel, accommodation, and meal expenses.

Is the camp fee refundable?

The camp fee is non-refundable. The camp is a self-funded program of WYA Asia Pacific. As a non-profit, we rely heavily on program fees, fundraising projects, and donations from generous individuals in order to secure the logistical arrangements needed to implement our programs. These sources of funding allow us to provide quality educational and cultural experiences for our members and ultimately allow us to make an impact in our communities. For these reasons, we thank all our members, donors, and sponsors for helping us make the summer camp happen.

Does WYA cover travel and Visa costs for international participants?

If you are coming from another country outside the Philippines, you will be are responsible for their own travel and visa expenses going to and from the meet-up location or camp venue. WYA can provide a letter of support if necessary for visa applications.

NOTE: Nationals from several countries are allowed to travel to the Philippines without a visa. Visit this link to view the list of countries allowed to enter the Philippines without a visa (please carefully read the requirements).

Do you provide scholarships?

We currently cannot provide scholarship funding for our applicants; however, we can assist you in looking for sponsors should you be accepted.

How can payments be settled?

Camp payments must only be settled after receiving your official acceptance letter. For accepted applicants, fees may be settled in cash or check through bank deposit, personal payment at the WYAAP office or online payments via PayPal or Western Union. Complete payment information will be given to accepted applicants. Bank and online money transfer charges are excluded from the registration fee.

Still not sure what to expect? Read about last year’s WYAAP Summer Camp here or view photos of last year’s camp here. You could also send us an e-mail at or call our office landline at (+632) 921 5162 for more questions.


About the 2019 CampScheduleApplicationFees & PaymentsFAQResources

The 2019 Furaha Camp will be the sixth (6) camp to be organized by WYA Africa. Furaha is the Swahili word for happiness.  The camp is fundamentally aimed at enabling young people 14 – 18 years old to gain values in an atmosphere that is relaxed and fun in addition to providing the opportunity to interact with many cultures, and nations since participants will come from different countries in Africa. This will be a great addition to the continuing education in character and human excellence as is unique at WYA. The camp will be hosted in Kenya.

2019 Camp Curriculum


Camp Brief and Schedule

*Movies to be screened will be obtained from WYA’s Film List.

NB: All education materials will be based on an integration of WYA’s Certified Training Program and Human Dignity Curriculum.

Camp Application Form

Download Application Form

Send the completed application form to

Each applicant will pay 13,000 KSHS (or 130 USD) for the week-long camp.

The camp fee includes 6 residential nights meals, WYA Africa Camp Kit and camp material (including certificate, t-shirt, study material), WYA t-shirt & wristband.

Payments will be made upon WYA’s confirmation to attend the Camp.


Through the World Youth Alliance Africa MPESA Paybill number, MPESA Business Number is 559066, with account number as Furaha Camp


To World Youth Alliance Africa, delivered on or before Friday 15th November 2019.


Please include the following information when making a wire transfer

Details of Payment: Furaha Camp
Bank Name: Stanbic Bank Limited
Account Name: World Youth Alliance Africa
Account Number: 0100005433527

What is Furaha Camp?

The Furaha Camp is a remarkable training opportunity for young people, to educate in WYA values, in an atmosphere of fun, and in solidarity with many young people from other backgrounds, cultures, and countries.

Who is invited to the Furaha Camp?

Young people aged 14 – 18 years.

Why is it important and worthwhile?

This year’s theme is Human Flourishing and Good Governance. For every young person attending the camp this will be an opportunity to learn in an atmosphere of fun, sports, and group activities, boosted well with an intellectually engaging understanding of the human person through the human dignity lens, as is characteristic at WYA, to build a culture that respects the dignity of each person.

What logistics will be provided?

Meals, accommodation, transport to and from Nairobi, certificates, WYA t-shirts, and Camp study material will be provided for the duration of the camp. All travel expenses to and from Nairobi; will be borne by the participants. All other travel, lodging, visa and tax expenses before and after the camp will be the sole responsibility of the participant. WYA Africa will maintain correspondence with applicants, to enable a smooth travel experience.

How will visas be processed for participants outside Kenya?

Kenya allows visa waivers for many countries. Please check with the Kenya Department of Immigration to confirm whether you require a visa or otherwise. Each participant will be required to have official travel documents (passports or as required by law). Supporting documents from WYA Africa will be provided to enable easy entry into Kenya through customs. Participants from outside Kenya are encouraged to check immigration procedures prior to travel.

What is the cost of the Camp?

The conference will cost 13,000 Kenya Shillings (or 130 USD) per participant. This will include the 6 residential nights, travel to and from Nairobi, meals, WYA Africa Camp Kit and camp material (including certificate, t-shirt, study material), WYA t-shirt & wristband.

Where do I get the Application Form?

Find the application form here.

How do I make payments?

Payments will be made as detailed in the “Fees and Payment” section of this webpage.

What is the dress code for the camp?

The dress code will be casual for all the days of the camp. Campers are encouraged to maintain a dress code that is modest.

What important dates should I keep in mind?

Applications Open!

Payment deadline: Friday 15th November 2019  

Furaha Camp Dates: Sunday, December 1, 2019 – Saturday, December 7, 2019

Note: Once in receipt of acceptance letter one should begin to make payments, deposit Kes 5,000 immediately and final payment before the deadline as slots are limited.

What if my inquiry is not addressed?

For futher inquiries, reach us through or directly call us through +254-202-508-626. We look forward to meeting you and your friends soon in Kenya, at the Furaha Camp.