ISF 2011 | Population & Economics: Investing in the Human Person

The 8th Annual International Solidarity Forum was held March 21st-24th at WYA Headquarters and the United Nations. The 2011 theme, Population & Economics: Investing in the Human Person, provided WYA members an opportunity to explore what a person centered approach to economics means and how populations affect economies.

Lecturers for the ISF included Henry Schwalbenberg (Fordham University), Brad Wilcox (University of Virginia), John Mueller (Ethics and Public Policy Center), and Sophia Aguirre (Catholic University of America).

Countries Represented: Canada, USA, Philippines, Taiwan, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, Kenya

To view the full schedule, click here.

Other recommended reading related to the theme:

1. “Asia Pacific’s Demograhics in 2010-2040: Implications for Strategic Balance” by Nicholas Eberstadt
2. “When Marriage Disappears” by Brad Wilcox and Elizabeth Marquardt
3. “Hindered Growth: the Ideology and Implications of Population Assistance” by Sophia Aguirre and Cecila Hadley
4. “Population Growth in the Philippines: Problem or Potential?” by Christopher White
5. Fatal Misconception by Matthew Connelly
6. The Elusive Quest for Growth by William Easterly
7. The White Man’s Burden by William Easterly