WYA’s declarations promote the dignity of the human person in the arena of international law and foreign diplomacy, and represent the voices of young people around the world.

Every year, certified members from different countries gather in New York City for the International Solidarity Forum to examine an issue of topical importance. At the end of each Forum, members negotiate a final declaration.

Declaration on Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

Declaration on Reproductive Health

Declaration on Good Governance and Human Flourishing

Declaration on Human Dignity and Bioethics

Declaration on Migration and Development

Declaration on Population and Environment

Declaration on Health and Education

Declaration on Family and Economic Development

Declaration on Health and Sustainable Development

Declaration on Sustainable Development

Declaration on Maternal Health

Declaration on Population and Economics

Declaration on the Human Person

Declaration on Responsible Stewardship

Declaration on the Family

Declaration on HIV/AIDS

Statement on Human Cloning

Declaration on Women

Solidarity Declaration

Bratislava Youth Declaration

Declaration on Good Governance

Declaration on Development

Statement on the Uses of Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Declaration on the Philosophy of Human Rights All Declarations


Cultural Declarations

In the past, WYA has gathered artists representing a variety of disciplines and cultural backgrounds for dialogue on the relationship between art and human dignity. What is the relationship between art and the human person? What is the relationship between art and beauty? At the end of each Forum, members negotiated the declarations shown below.

Declaration on Beauty in art and Human Dignity

Declaration on Art and the Human Person

Declaration on Art and Beauty