Bratislava Youth Declaration


The Bratislava Youth Declaration was written to engage the discussions concerning enlargement in the European Union. Young people from many of the enlargement countries were present and discussed the ideas necessary for successful enlargement and European integration.

As young people of a changing Europe, we declare our readiness to contribute actively to the discussions concerning the future of a common Europe. As citizens and future leaders we accept our responsibility to participate in the re-construction of our continent.

With the collapse of communism and the beginning of the unification process, Europe faces new possibilities and challenges. We must therefore renew our joint commitment to realize the full protection of human dignity, which, though a fundamental value of European civilization, has been and continues to be violated by different ideologies.

We call upon the governments and citizens of Europe to reaffirm the recognition – expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights – of the inherent dignity and inalienable rights of all, including the inviolable right to life, as the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in Europe.

Irrespective of cultural, religious or ethnic differences, as young people from a variety of European countries, we unite in affirming the following statements:

Our shared European identity is based upon a recognition of the fundamental dignity of the human person, which is possessed by all and must always be respected, from conception until natural death. This intrinsic dignity is the basis of all human rights and must never be violated in any way.

Society must ensure that the unique human potential of each person is able to develop in authentic freedom by encouraging the conditions in which freedom and citizenship can be exercised, while living in solidarity and awareness of the inviolable dignity of oneself and of all.

We envision a European culture in which the family is the fundamental unit, where men and women have the opportunity to learn to live in solidarity, and where genuine freedom is first nurtured and developed. The family is the cornerstone of a free and just society in which the person is placed at the center.

We commit ourselves to participate in the construction of Europe as a free association of peoples, respecting their common heritage as a civilisation, committed to the protection of fundamental human rights, and to the creation of a renewed Europe of values.

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