The Dignity Project 2015

On the 10th of November 2015, World Youth Alliance released the new WYA video as part of The Dignity Project 2015 membership campaign inviting WYA members to invite their Facebook friends to become WYA members or friends. On the same day, WYA members around the world shared the video with their family and friends and gave reasons why they promote human dignity online. We invite you to join the campaign. Why do you promote human dignity?

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I signed the Charter Campaign

Over a million young people around the world have signed the WYA Charter to join the World Youth Alliance. For each one, the charter gave them a beautiful vision of a society that defends and promotes human dignity. Will you sign the charter?

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People Count

The United Nations has been celebrating World Population Day since the day that the global population count hit 5 billion on July 11, 1987. This UN day marks the recognition of the opportunities and challenges that are offered by a growing population.

Today, July 11, 2015, WYA invites you to celebrate the opportunities of our growing population. We need to convince our leaders that investing in young people will be worth their effort. As the younger generation of our global family, share with us the many ways that you have contributed to your community. Our iCount Campaign features the endeavors of our members as they strive to create a culture that celebrates life and allows for authentic development to shape a sustainable world.

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It Started With the Charter

This is the story behind how WYA’s ideas animate a whole generation of young people to begin to strive for a better world that fosters authentic integral human development. It touches one person at a time until we end up with over 1 million young people all dedicated to giving it effect in public life at all levels. And all this started when they signed the WYA Charter and officially became members of the World Youth Alliance.

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Socksbatlle4DS-Logo couleur

#Socksbattle4DS: Campaign for Down Syndrome

The 21st of March is the World Down Syndrome Day. Celebrate with us this special day by wearing mismatched socks and sharing it on social media.

Share your photo on Twitter, FB or Instragram with #socksbattle4DS and tag @WYAeurope and @FondLejeuneEN.

In collaboration with Fondation Jérôme Lejeune and World Down Syndrome International.



“Grow the Million!” Campaign

As the World Youth Alliance approaches its 16th birthday, we find inspiration in the over one million members who have taken the mission of promoting human dignity as their own. Shared here are a few stories of our former interns, staff, and program participants whose lives have been touched by WYA. But there are so many more young people we need to reach and we are counting on you. Spread the word about human dignity and invite your friends to sign the WYA Charter!

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#WYAGirlOfTheDay Campaign

October 11 is the celebration of the Day of the Girl Child. It’s a day to celebrate girls from all over the world. Proud mothers have shared with us why they think their daughter is #GirlOfTheDay. Share with us a short story or explanation if you have a friend or a daughter who you think deserves to be called Girl of the Day. We just might feature her!

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IYF Logo - blue

Celebrate the Family Campaign 2014

2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the International Year of the Family (IYF), and WYA is joining in the celebration! The United Nations General Assembly first proclaimed the IYF in 1994 to enhance awareness of family-related issues. This year, the 20th Anniversary of IYF offers the international community an opportunity to emphasize the important role of family.

As an organization that promotes the dignity of the human person, WYA is excited to celebrate the crucial role of the family. The family is the basic unit of society and the first school of humanity, where each individual first learns an understanding of intrinsic human dignity.

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The 15 Campaign

Our internship program has grown and expanded to each of our six regions. Each intern costs us $1500 USD, giving us a goal of $115,000 USD to run our global internship program. Your generosity will enable us to provide this opportunity to 75 more young people this coming year.

$15 or more per month can help us reach our goal!

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WYA_Day of Family_Banner _ webpage

International Day of Families 2012

A World Youth Alliance Photo & Poetry Contest

The World Youth Alliance (WYA) is pleased to announce a Photo & Poetry Contest based on the theme ‘My Family Portrait’. This contest recognizes the use of photography and poetry in conveying a message about the importance of family, solidarity at home, and love. The competition is open to all young people aged 15 to 30 regardless of residence or citizenship.

WYA Declaration on the Family states, ‘Within the family children first come to understand their own intrinsic and inviolable human dignity. Through their complementary roles, mother and father, equal in dignity, show their children that the freedom of the human person is most fully and rightly lived in the gift of self. True love freely received and given within the family is an image of the transcendent love that makes possible the fulfillment and completion of every human being.’




Human Creativity: Our Greatest Resource 2012

A World Youth Alliance Photo Contest

The World Youth Alliance (WYA) is pleased to announce a Photo Contest based on the theme Human Creativity: Our Greatest Resource’. This contest recognizes the use of photography in conveying a message in a way that words can’t possibly do. The competition is open to all young people aged 15 to 30 regardless of residence or citizenship.

WYA declaration on sustainable development says ‘Our greatest resource is the tremendous potential of the human person. We believe that the person has the capacity to develop the knowledge, skills, and creativity to achieve economic development’.

WYA declaration on Population and Economics adds ‘the potential of the human person to generate wealth using knowledge, skills and creativity is unique and reflects an aspect of human dignity’.