Day of the Girl Child 2014

#WYAGirlOfTheDay Campaign

October 11 is the celebration of the Day of the Girl Child. It’s a day to celebrate girls from all over the world. Proud mothers have shared with us why they think their daughter is #WYAGirlOfTheDay. Share with us a short story or explanation if you have a friend or a daughter who you think deserves to be called Girl of the Day. Use #WYAGirlOfTheDay so we can find it. We just might feature her!


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Sandra and Lila are the #WYAGirlsOfTheDay because they have shown me compassion and deep rooted sense of the other. As twins, both Sandra and Lila have grown up to share the spotlight. Being placed into this situation, I am happy to say that instead of showing signs of resentment; they have learned to love even more. I see the understanding and awareness in their hearts to also consider one another. As early as 2 years, I have seen them take care of each other. I often see one reaching out for water when the other is coughing, patting the back of the one who is crying and even giving each other massages before bedtime! They inspire me to continuously spread kindness and be generous despite challenges and unfortunate circumstances and remind me that compassion and love need not be a grand gesture. Outpourings of simple and small acts of kindness are just as effective in touching other people. As their mother, I cannot be prouder. - Donna Lim