I Signed the Charter Campaign

Over a million young people around the world have signed the WYA Charter to join the World Youth Alliance.  For each one, the charter gave them a beautiful vision of a society that defends and promotes human dignity.

The WYA Charter speaks of a culture that affirms the inalienable dignity of the person, defends the intrinsic right to life, nurtures the family, and fosters a social climate favorable to integral development, solidarity, and mutual respect. It ends with an invitation to all those who share these convictions to join WYA in affirming them and give them effect in public life at all levels.

Over a million young people have signed the charter. Here, WYA staff and members share why they signed. Will you sign it, too?

Why others have signed

You can sign the charter, too!

Help spread the word

WYA Membership Toolkit Cover“I’m already a member. What’s next?”

This is one of the most common questions we get through email, social media, and even in person. We’re glad to see that so many young people are excited to start working with us!

We pulled together this WYA Membership Drive Toolkit in order to give our members the tools they need to get started. It contains information about WYA, some membership materials and basic information about our programs.

Download Toolkit


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