Welcome to our new leaders from WYA Wexford

The Latin America region of the World Youth Alliance (WYA) is happy to announce the newest leaders of the WYA Wexford High School Club: Jessica Paz Aguirre and Mariano Hernandez Ozuna, which are certified members with notable results. Commanding this Club, they are expected to continue promoting Human Dignity and other honorable WYA’s values in the region of Querétaro, Mexico.


Meet Jessica!

Jessica Paz Aguirre was born in the Mexican city of Querétaro, Mexico, and grew up with her parents teaching her the value of empathy and helping others as well as the challenge of being responsible in every situation; also, she is a smart student and comprehensive person, always carrying the values of solidarity, tolerance, respect, and love.

Furthermore, Jessica has been a member of “Enlace Medico Asistencia” for one year and a half, which is an organization that assists in emergencies or accidents that occur in daily life. Moreover, she is very excited to be part of WYA, contributing to promoting human dignity with the knowledge of her experiences and sharing with others what WYA encourages.



Meet Mariano!

Although he is originally from Toluca in MX, Mariano has never known a period of his life in which he was not on the move. Consequently, Mariano had the fantastic opportunity to live in various countries, within Europe and the Americas, and interact with people who are his friends until the current days! Also, even though Mariano is currently settled in Querétaro, he is ready to see where life takes him!

Mariano is very excited to lead the WYA Club at Wexford Pre-University! Although his history within WYA is quite short, he has already experienced the honest and dedicated work that WYA carries out in the communities of Latin America. Also, Mariano is passionate about living up to the WYA ideals for a better environment where human dignity and friendship can not only be taught and developed but also thrive. He is more than confident that his team will bring a new understanding of these values to his chapter!


We wish our new leaders the best in their year of leadership! If you are interested to know about our Chapters and National Committees, email latinamerica@wya.net.